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Note 25 Other operating expenses

Other operating expenses

There was a gain of €60 million in respect of the amounts added to and released from provisions (2014: net amount released €80 million). This is essentially connected with the settlement of the CDS for an amount of €66 million (2014: €80 million net, released from provisions plus fair value movement on CDS). See note [8] for further details. Additionally, there were additions to other provisions of €6 million (2014: nil).

Sufferance tax and other taxes in 2015 amounted to €111 million compared with €81 million in 2014. The increase of €30 million in this item is due to the levying of sufferance tax by various new municipal authorities in 2015 coupled with higher rates of tax charged.

For further disclosures relating to the costs of operating leases , reference is made to note [19].

The auditors' fees were as follows:

Auditors’ fees

The above fees relate to the activities carried out by the accountancy firms and external auditors in connection with the parent company and the companies included in the consolidation, as referred to in Section 1, subsection 1, of the Audit Firms Supervision Act (WTA) and the fees charged by the entire network of which the accountancy firm is part. These fees relate to the audit of the financial statements for 2014 and 2015.

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