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Shareholders and Investors

As a major energy network company, we have an important function in Dutch society. Consequently, our social and sustainability performance has an ever-increasing role in the considerations of shareholders and other investors, which we can meet if we have a sound and healthy financial position. 

Stakeholders in our enterprise with financial and corporate social responsibility interests have identified the following subjects as important to them: energy consumption and CO2 emissions, transparency, supply chain responsibility, compliance with financial policy and financial performance. This section gives details of our performance in these areas. 


To retain a solid A rating profile
S&P AA-/A-1+/stable outlook Moody’s Aa2/P-1/stable outlook

Socially Responsible Procurement (SRP)

68 % minimum
71.0 %

CO2-emissions from business operations

833 kt max
797 kt

FFO/Net debt

> 20.0 %
26.6 %

Interest cover

> 3.5

Net debt

< 60 %
33 %


> 30 %
59 %
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