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2 Energy transition

Input and relationships relevant for theme

Stakeholder expectation

The energy transition comprises a shift away from fossil energy generation towards local renewable energy sources, thereby promoting the transition to a more sustainable society. Customers expect flexible and reliable networks, enabling them to feed in energy whenever they want.

Our long-term objective

Technical and economic developments make new solutions both feasible and necessary. Alliander wants to do its bit by facilitating the energy transition.

Contribution from Alliander

The energy transition demands new and smart applications for the energy networks. Alliander invests in these smart technologies to facilitate the transition to a sustainable society, while continuing to guarantee reliability of supply. In 2016, the amount of solar energy that customers fed into our network increased strongly. We also helped customers to start up renewable energy initiatives in their local communities. And we are engaging in innovative business activities to explore new markets.

Relationship with strategy



Insufficient long-term regulatory focus, Privacy, Required competences, Facilitation of energy transition

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