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5 Energy generation

Input and relationships relevant for theme

Stakeholder expectation

What role should network operators have in the promotion of renewable energy generation, particularly in relation to the ambitious Paris climate objectives. Customers need a flexible energy network that supports more renewable energy generation. Consumers and businesses are increasingly taking renewable energy generation into their own hands. Alliander wants to discuss with its stakeholders what role network operators should play.

Our long-term objective

Through the ongoing digitisation of our infrastructure, we enable renewable generation at local level. We also invest in the greening of our CO2 footprint.

Contribution from Alliander

We participate in testbeds and partnerships in order to learn from cutting-edge developments such as 'Energiekoplopers', a sustainable energy project in Heerhugowaard. Moreover, we are developing new business activities to explore and unlock the energy system of the future. We support customers in making choices, invest in alternative infrastructures and are digitising our networks. In 2016, we greened part of our operations for the first time with renewable energy generated in the Netherlands.

Relationship with strategy

Reliability, Accessibility


Insufficient long-term regulatory focus

Stakeholder information


Shareholders and investors

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