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7 Regulation and tariffs

Input and relationships relevant for theme

Stakeholder expectation

Network operators charge costs to their customers. These tariffs are regulated and set by our regulator, the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM). Customers want to have a grip on their energy costs, as well as predictable network operation tariffs.

Our long-term objective

Continuously outperform the sector in terms of costs and operational excellence. In addition, Alliander wants to realise solid financial results.

Contribution from Alliander

In 2016, we devoted attention to cost control, adhered to a careful investment schedule and expenditure pattern, and closely monitored our position in the national benchmark of energy network operators. In addition, we worked on our strategy to keep the social costs for energy as low as possible, also in the future. In 2016, the network operation tariffs at Liander for our customers were comparable with those in the previous year. The tariffs would have been lower if they had not been taxed with sharply higher regional sufferance tax levies.

Relationship with strategy



Insufficient long-term regulatory focus, Facilitation of energy transition

Stakeholder information


Shareholders and investors

Financial Statements


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