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10 Safety and infrastructure

Input and relationships relevant for theme

Stakeholder expectation

Customers expect us to ensure a safe infrastructure and to guarantee their safety during the performance of our work.

Our long-term objective

Everyone safely home! That is Alliander's safety ambition. This applies both to our own people, and to the quality and reliability of our installations. That is why we continuously invest in the reliability of our infrastructure. Our focus here is on the top risk-mitigating projects, including 25 specifically identified projects.

Contribution from Alliander

In 2016, Alliander invested about € 680 million in the reinforcement, digitisation and maintenance of its networks. We completed 48% of our most important projects. Furthermore, our staff received calamity and incident response training in order to be well-prepared for unforeseen events that impact on, for instance, our infrastructure.

Relationship with strategy




Stakeholder information



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