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12 Training & Development

Input and relationships relevant for theme

Stakeholder expectation

Alliander is a company that works hard to promote training and development. Employees are actively encouraged to develop their professional and personal skills with a range of training and development opportunities. This includes safety courses wherever relevant.

Our long-term objective

Alliander needs well-equipped professionals who contribute to the energy issues of today and tomorrow.

Contribution from Alliander

To find solutions for the energy issues of today and tomorrow, we invest a lot. In technology and, above all, in our people. We offer excellent compensation and benefits. And we offer excellent training. To help our employees get the best out of themselves. That is good for them and good for the company. Our professionals work on challenging projects. So what gives them energy? Doing a meaningful job that really matters to society. We listen to our customers and invite them to come up with innovative and smart ideas. That way, we are able to deliver even better solutions for the energy issues of today and tomorrow.

Relationship with strategy

Accessibility, Reliability


Availability of technical staff in labour market, Required competences, Facilitation of energy transition

Stakeholder information


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