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14 Supply chain responsibility

Input and relationships relevant for theme

Stakeholder expectation

With an annual procurement volume of about € 900 million, we are a major purchaser of products and services in the Netherlands. Stakeholders expect us, together with our suppliers, to ensure that our procurement is as sustainable as possible. If we can persuade our suppliers to take sustainability as seriously as we do ourselves, we can generate a significant positive impact through our supply chain.

Our long-term objective

We actively seek to improve our supply chain performance. This includes making plans with our suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions and promote responsible operations. Target is at least 80% of our procurement volume is socially responsible. In addition, all suppliers must meet the Alliander Code of Conduct.

Contribution from Alliander

As well as highlighting our compulsory Code of Conduct to all suppliers, we purchased 71% of our procurement volume based on Socially Responsible Procurement (SRP) statements in 2016. These SRP statements help us to achieve our socially responsible procurement objective in the Netherlands and back up our sustainability efforts among our suppliers.

Relationship with strategy

Reliability, Affordability, Accessibility



Stakeholder information

Shareholders and investors

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