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Impact Very serious

Probability High

Expected development Decreasing 

What is the risk?

Working with gas and electricity involves health & safety risks for our employees, contractors and customers. Insufficient safety awareness or knowledge of safety measures increases the risk of accidents. Actions of third parties, whether accidental or malicious, may cause unforeseen safety risks. In a worst-case scenario, unsafe working conditions may result in serious casualties or fatalities.

How is it managed?

Within our organisation we take targeted safety measures. Despite the progress made on safety awareness last year, we were still confronted with safety incidents <LINK NAAR SAFETY INCIDENTS>. Even more attention is therefore being given to this issue. Improvements are being made to our safety culture. For example, safety risks and measures are now specifically mentioned during the pre-job meetings at the start of every day. Our processes and components are being made safer and training and refresher courses are being provided to staff. Accidents are investigated to identify the immediate and underlying causes. The findings are used to make improvements together with our internal organisation and our contractors. Our ambition is 'Everyone safely home!'

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