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Availability of technical staff in labour market

Impact Serious

Probability Very high

Expected development Neutral â†’

What is the risk?

As the Dutch economy and the energy transition gather pace, the demand for specialised technicians is certain to grow. Unfortunately, specialised technicians are scarce in the Dutch labour market. In the coming two years, we will need at least 80 extra field service engineers for Liander and at least 50 for Liandon. There is a risk that we will not be able to recruit them fast enough. Measures are already being taken to minimise the consequences for our customers.

How is it managed?

To fill this imminent shortfall, we are conducting intensive recruitment campaigns (also targeted at foreign engineers) and investing in technical programmes at Regional Training Centres. In addition, we are freeing up extra engineering capacity by reorganising the performance of specialised tasks and through smarter planning. Cross-regional matching of supply and demand is one crucial strategy. In addition, more work is being outsourced to contractors (who face similar recruitment bottlenecks, incidentally). Finally, we are intensifying our cooperation with fellow network operators.

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