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Insufficient long-term regulatory focus

Impact Serious

Probability Medium / High

Expected development Neutral →

What is the risk?

The rules within the regulated energy domain have an impact on the scope of our activities and our profitability. The failure of regulations to keep pace with changes in the energy landscape may affect the long-term continuity of our company. One major change is the envisaged sharp reduction in the use of fossil fuels. For Alliander, this could mean that our gas networks are given a different use or that customers defect from the gas network. <LINK NAAR… ZIE NL> In the latter case, we will be unable to earn back our current investments and this could jeopardise the affordability of our energy network.

How is it managed?

Constructive new legislation is vital so that we can continue investing in new initiatives for the energy system of the future. We think 30 years ahead about the impact that the transition from fossil to renewable fuels will have on the infrastructure we manage. We create future projections to indicate the necessary regulatory adjustments and discuss these with relevant parties.

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