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Privacy of energy data

Impact Serious

Probability High

Expected development Increasing ↑

What is the risk?

As part of our energy network management activities, we have access to privacy-sensitive data. This concerns e.g. connections, energy contracts, usage and costs. Clearly, safeguarding the privacy of these energy data is a high priority. The risk we run in relation to privacy violations is very real. As recently as 2016, the energy data of over two million households were stolen from one energy supplier's system. See also What have we learned. <LINK NAAR… ZIE NL>

How is it managed?

When processing energy data, we carry out privacy-impact analyses. Based on the outcomes, measures are taken where necessary. Starting from 2016, organisations are obliged to report any personal data leaks to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Alliander has set up the requisite processes and organisation for this purpose. Our data protection efforts extend beyond our own organisation. The various players in the energy sector are taking joint action to put in place robust measures for the protection of privacy-sensitive data. The data theft that took place last year is being thoroughly investigated in order to reduce the risk of recurrence. To this end, information is being exchanged with regulators (the Dutch Data Protection Authority and the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets), industry organisations (the Association of Energy Network Operators in the Netherlands and Energie-Nederland) and other relevant parties.

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