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Required competences

Impact Serious

Probability High

Expected development Increasing ↑

What is the risk?

We acknowledge that the recruitment, development and retention of the competences required now and in the future constitute a strategic challenge. The energy transition has far-reaching consequences for our company. This will increasingly demand different competences, alongside our traditional in-house competences.

How is it managed?

We must have a clear idea of the critical competences that will be required in view of advancing technology and digitisation. To hire new talent, we must retain our status as employer of choice. This means offering good development opportunities as well as meaningful and challenging jobs (for both technical and IT staff). We must also try to keep our existing employees on board through training and refresher programmes. Our recruiters communicate with our target groups through social media and other channels. Finally, we are intensifying our partnerships with universities and colleges to establish an early top-of-mind presence as a potential employer.

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